RS Technical Services supports what we sell with professionally trained and experienced personnel. Our services include:

SCADA Systems

We design, build, program, and start up SCADA systems (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition systems) including fiberoptic and radio telemetry. We can install small systems. We frequently upgrade or expand existing SCADA systems. Call us for a cost estimate or to discuss your Instrumentation and Control requirements.

Chemical Feed System Application / Design

We can recommend the best equipment, layout, capacity, and accessories to provide an efficient, reliable, flexible, and safe chemical feed system.

Start Up & Operator Training

We provide on-site manufacturer trained technicians who will safely commission your new equipment and train your operators and maintenance crew.

Maintenance Contracts

When your maintenance crew is unable to keep up with required periodic maintenance tasks, we can provide the labor and materials to properly maintain your chemical feed system per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Demand Service

Our technicians are available for emergency repairs, maintenance, or calibration service. Call or email us to schedule a service call or to request a cost estimate.

Calibration Service

We can calibrate your instruments at your facility or in our shop. This includes pressure, level, & flow meters, Gas detectors for chlorine, sulfur-dioxide, ammonia, oxygen level, hydrogen-sulfide, and others.

Shop Service

We provide in-house repairs, overhauls, and maintenance of many of the items we sell. You can either ship the equipment to us or we can send an RSTS truck to remove the item, take it to our shop for service, then return, reinstall, and test the item.